Signs to look for

Often clients come to us after having tried to deal with their problems on their own and have potentially limited their options as a result. Here are some early warning signs and typical scenarios that both individuals and businesses find themselves in.


  • Using credit to pay other lines of credit.
  • Using credit cards to pay for everyday items.
  • The total debt (unsecured) is more than the total annual household income.
  • Being chased by creditors.
  • Making late payments on loans and credits cards or missing payments altogether.
  • Struggling to pay day-to-day bills.
  • Borrowing money from family members.

When individuals engage us to help them solve their debt issues they regularly tell us that they wished they had spoken to us much sooner. The reason they give for not doing so, is that taking the first step is the hardest decision of all.

People find themselves in debt for many different reasons, however, we believe they should still be afforded the right to high quality independent advice without fear of being judged.


  • Being behind with VAT, PAYE and rent liabilities.
  • Juggling payments to suppliers.
  • Putting in personal money to prop up the company.
  • Spending time fielding creditor phone calls.
  • Supplier restrictions and changes in terms.
  • Legal action.
  • Strained credit facilities with the bank.

Many business owners are afraid to let people know that their business has debt issues because of credibility and sadly leave it too late to seek help. This can seriously jeopardise the options available to solve the problems and can ultimately mean that the only course of action is for the business to close its doors.

We act for the owners of the business at all times and can carry out a full review including leases, staffing and other key agreements in order to find out what the issues are so that the best course of action can be established.

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